Just a fraction of the tangible, real-world innovations from Klick Applied Sciences.

Breath Analysis as a Biomarker

In just six weeks, our team designed a device, built a working prototype, and filed for a patent for a new way of analyzing breath: looking at changes in exhalation volume, CO2 concentration, and temperature over time. Klick was awarded grants to study the device in lung function rehabilitation for COVID-19 patients and to assess individual asthma exacerbation risk. Those studies are currently ongoing.

Intubation Box

A simple solution to a complex global health challenge. The intubation box protects healthcare practitioners by shielding them from aerosolized COVID-19 particles during intubation. Boxes made by Klick were delivered to over 100 hospitals across North America during the early months of the pandemic.


Developed in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, HealthVoyager gives patients a new way to interact with their health data. By providing findings in a personalized and approachable way, patients are now able to fully comprehend their individual results and connect with their healthcare providers in a new way.


Traditionally symptom simulators for movement disorders like Parkinson’s were based around mechanical vibrations, but did not accurately simulate the symptom experience on a muscular level. Whereas Klick has developed technology that simulates the electrical muscle activity seen in movement disorder symptoms. In the past, feeling a loved one or patient’s tremors was an impossibility, but Klick’s SymPulse™ tele-empathy device has made that experience a reality.